Dogs That Hate Snow More Than You Do

So it’s still snowing. Don’t be a grouch; chances are, your dog hates snow too.

1. Snow makes Eric sad.

Let’s stay in and have grilled cheese together.

ID: 996608

2. Kinley is not amused.

Do you like to roll in snow and look silly and happy stuffing your mouth with snow? If you don’t, your best friend probably doesn’t, either.

ID: 996626

3. A raincoat does not help.

ID: 996635

4. Booties? Don’t even think about it.

Or I’ll look at your camera all squint-eyed and pitiful. People will think you abuse me.

ID: 996681

5. Like this:

This was supposedly a Christmas gift for Chloe Bear. A lump of coal would have been preferable.

ID: 996684

6. Booties or no booties, Boxer does not love you now.

ID: 996709

7. You can even lose your dogs in the snow.

ID: 996726

8. You think I’m being cute?

ID: 996779

9. I’m not being cute.

I’m just going to go rub myself dry on your bed.

ID: 996773

10. It’s snowing? I’ll stay here, thanks.

I’ll need to pee later, so you go shovel the driveway.

ID: 996816

11. Or I’ll pee on your snowman.

No, not ashamed.

ID: 996822

I’ll probably pee on Snowpy too.

ID: 996940

13. So don’t take me out if it’s snowing.

ID: 996969

14. I think I’ll sleep in if you don’t mind.

ID: 997051

15. If I want snow, I’ll make it, thanks.

ID: 997211

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