16 Uncomfortable Magician Promo Pictures - The Sequel

It had to be done.

1. “Yes, that is a bluetooth. And yes, I’m still waiting to be hired”

ID: 1004994

2. “Now imagine what all these hands can do for you, baby”

ID: 1004904

3. “Nice and steady…smile…you’re doing great”

ID: 1004852

4. “Ladies, that big”

ID: 1004786

5. “I’ve decided that your soul is mine”

ID: 1004946

6. “I’m doing magic on the beach. I’m kidding, guys”

ID: 1004980

7. “Hold up, I need to summon the devil really quick”

ID: 1005048

8. “See my show or the bunny gets it”

ID: 1005110

9. “This is easier than looking through your bushes”

ID: 1005203

10. “I just wanted an excuse to wear this fabulous vest”

ID: 1005275

11. “Take it off my face. I dare you”

ID: 1005295

12. “I know. You can’t keep your eyes off my mustache”

ID: 1005337

13. “Who is not cool now, huh?”

ID: 1005357

14. “Tell your friends it is not Nicole, it is Magical Nicole”

ID: 1005414

15. “I’m really glad I went to Sears for my pictures”

ID: 1005534

16. “Guess where my wand is”

ID: 1005604

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