16 Uncomfortable Magician Promo Pictures - The Sequel

It had to be done.

1. “Yes, that is a bluetooth. And yes, I’m still waiting to be hired”

2. “Now imagine what all these hands can do for you, baby”

3. “Nice and steady…smile…you’re doing great”

4. “Ladies, that big”

5. “I’ve decided that your soul is mine”

6. “I’m doing magic on the beach. I’m kidding, guys”

7. “Hold up, I need to summon the devil really quick”

8. “See my show or the bunny gets it”

9. “This is easier than looking through your bushes”

10. “I just wanted an excuse to wear this fabulous vest”

11. “Take it off my face. I dare you”

12. “I know. You can’t keep your eyes off my mustache”

13. “Who is not cool now, huh?”

14. “Tell your friends it is not Nicole, it is Magical Nicole”

15. “I’m really glad I went to Sears for my pictures”

16. “Guess where my wand is”

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