Here are 10 things you can do before your letting your anger force you to do something illegal.

1. Become Reacquainted With Your Car Horn…

Anyone Over The Age Of 60 Has It Coming

2. Put A Picture Of Ivan Drago On Your Mirror And Crumple it up…

Do this with the soundtrack of any Rocky movie for the full effect.

3. Ruin Your Neighbors Jenga Game…

Baby Was Trying To Show Me Up.

4. Yell At Your Local City Council

It Can Be About Anything. Like, Maybe There Aren’t Enough Krispy Kremes In Your Neighborhood.

5. Turn The Tables on Taylor Swift…

And Write And Record A Hit Single About Her. See How Much She Likes It.

6. Pretend Your Jason Statham

Proceed To Kick Down Every Door In Your House

7. Contact Your Ex. Go Nuts.

Fuck Being Mature.

8. Make A Screamo Cover Of Any Song

It’s Amazing How Much More Terrifying You Can Make A One Direction Song Sound Like.

9. Motivate People At The Gym By Yelling Obscenities At Them

Don’t Leave Until They’re Crying More Than They Are Sweating.

10. Call Your Parents, Blame Them For How You Are

Look At His Shades. This Kid Is Done With Putting Up With Your Shit.

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