The 22 Easiest Ways To Destroy Any Friendship

“Come over and play board games!” they said. “It’ll be fun!”

1. When someone doesn’t pay attention during the rules:

ID: 1754433

2. Sticking to the edges in Battleship:

ID: 1754438

3. Or worse:

ID: 1754440

4. Drop one of these in Uno:

ID: 1754442

5. Make up bunk definitions for bunk words in Scrabble:

ID: 1754447

6. Or lay down a bingo immediately after someone lays down a bingo:

ID: 1754453

7. When you get the sense that your “friends” and “loved” ones are sending you subtle messages on the board:

ID: 1754456

8. Ugh. Dick move:

ID: 1754457

9. Stop asking. Nobody is interested:

ID: 1754459

10. When people broadcast their feelings:

ID: 1754464

11. When someone cuts off your longest road:

ID: 1754467

12. Pretty much anytime a 7 gets rolled in Catan:

ID: 1754472

13. Or worse yet:

ID: 1754475

14. Preventing a monopoly out of pure spite:

ID: 1754480

15. That moment when it becomes abundantly clear that one person is going to win at Monopoly:

ID: 1754484

16. Then flipping the board:

ID: 1754493

17. Actually, you know what? Just stop playing Monopoly:

The only way to win at Monopoly is to not play.

ID: 1754500

18. Cut off someone’s trans-continental railroad in Ticket to Ride:

ID: 1754503

19. Stack villages and use them back-to-back in Dominion:

ID: 1754510

20. When you use a swindler, and realize that you can only make your opponent take the card they already had:

ID: 1754512

21. When someone knows they’re not going to win, and spends the rest of the game trying to take you down:

ID: 1754516

22. Just starting a game of Risk at all:

ID: 1754517

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