How An Amazon Mix-Up Led To The Greatest Twitter Rant Ever

One man’s mistake is another man’s #HamburgerEarmuffs posted on

1. Josh Gates, host of the SyFy channel’s Destination Truth ordered a T-shirt from Amazon. What he got instead was a pair of hamburger earmuffs.

2. Was he disappointed by the mistake? Hell no.

3. Instead, he embraced the #HamburgerEarmuff lifestyle.

4. Amazon tried to rectify the situation, but Josh was having none of it.

Amazon: We're happy to resend your order. ME: Sorry, I can't hear you through all the lettuce and cheese. #HamburgerEarmuffs

5. #HamburgerEarmuffs became all Josh was about.

6. Then the #HamburgerEarmuff’s influence spread…

Q: Aren't you afraid someone is going to steal your #HamburgerEarmuffs? ME: Um, not with a burger alarm.

11. Despite everything, Josh was one satisfied customer. 5/5. Would buy again.

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