22 Villainous Cats Who Are Plotting Your Demise

Humans have been the dominant species on this planet for TOO LONG. Soon the cats will rise up and destroy everyone and everything. VERY SOON.

1. “Yes! YES, human. Open the box. Look upon the grotesque ‘gift’ I have left for you.”

ID: 1314124

2. “Be still, my precious. Your wagging betrays our excitement for the impending bloodshed. Shhh. Be still.”

ID: 1314142

3. “I’m not an unreasonable cat, human. I’ll allow you to select how you meet your maker.”

ID: 1314128

4. “You have yet to BEGIN to feel my wrath! What I lack in fur, I make up for in merciless evil.”

ID: 1314127

5. “Do you think this is a game, human? Look at my face. Do I look like I am playing around?”

ID: 1314138

6. “Leave me here all day alone, will you? Not today, human. Not today.”

ID: 1314126

7. “Go to sleep, human. I’ll be here when you wake. I’ll always be here. Watching. Waiting.”

ID: 1314130

8. “Turn off the webcam, human. You wouldn’t want your friends and family to witness the horrors to be inflicted upon you.”

ID: 1314131

9. “You DARE turn your back on me, human?! THIS WILL BE YOUR DOWNFALL!”

ID: 1314119

10. “Ha Ha HA! My nefarious plans are all finally coming together! The human will mistake me for a simple package and I will be FREE.”

ID: 1314132

11. “You think you can hide from me, human? I see you, there in the darkness. I can ALWAYS see you.”

ID: 1314133

12. “I care little for your theatrics, human. Deliver me my supper or die so that I may finally dine upon your flesh.”

ID: 1314147

13. “Oh, this? This is nothing. Turn around and walk away. You saw nothing.”

ID: 1314134


ID: 1314158

15. “Just you wait, human. This isn’t the last you’ve heard of me.”

ID: 1314125

16. “Ugh. You’re wearing THAT?! You don’t even NEED me to destroy you. You’re destroying your reputation all on your own.”

ID: 1314123

17. “Yes… yes… it’s all coming together. The machinations I have set in motion will soon reach their horrible, inevitable outcome.”

ID: 1314139

18. “I shall someday be master of everything you see before you, human. Mark my words.”

ID: 1314140

19. “Hmm. How do I finally rid myself of these humans and make it seem as though it was the work of that imbecile canine?”

ID: 1314141

20. “Look away, worm. Your filthy eyes are not fit to gaze upon my divinity.”

ID: 1314144

21. I grow weary of your presence, human. I’ve decided to end your life.”

ID: 1314145

22. “Do not cross me, human. Not today. Not ever.”

ID: 1314129

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