15 Cats Who Are Fascinated By The World

There’s an old proverb that says “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” Turns out, cats’ curiosity is pretty easy to satisfy.

1. This cat, who just discovered bubbles:

ID: 963819

2. This cat, who is finishing his thesis about the insides of cardboard boxes:

ID: 963820

3. This cat, who is really curious about your interior design choices:

ID: 963828

4. This cat, who sees something you don’t:

ID: 963826

5. This other cat, who also really loves walls:

ID: 963825

6. This cat, who can’t even comprehend the complexities of an alien device he just discovered:

ID: 963823

7. This cat, who is as repulsed as he is curious:

ID: 963829

8. This cat, who is a more “hands on” learner:

ID: 963831

9. This cat, who is very interested in what you are having for lunch:

ID: 963821

10. This cat, who thinks you look funny:

ID: 963824

11. This cat, just taking it all in:

ID: 963827

12. This cat, discovering his own body:

ID: 963830

13. This cat, who just discovered a fascinating new life form:

ID: 963832

14. This cat, who wants to know what’s so funny:

ID: 963833

15. These cats, only half of whom understand what they’re seeing:

ID: 963835

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