13 Cats You Should Probably Break Up With

Trust me, you’ll be better off without them.

1. This cat, who checks out emotionally whenever you try to have a serious conversation.

Hello? Anyone in there?

ID: 1758256

2. This cat, whose binge-drinking antics were amusing in college, but are just sad at this point.

ID: 1758248

3. This cat, whose cos-play hobby has gotten a little out of hand.

“Honey, do you have to wear the mask to my company picnic?”

ID: 1758260

4. This cat, whose anger issues have gotten out of control.

ID: 1758348

5. This cat, who tried to pretend she wasn’t just snooping through your Facebook messages.

“Oh, hi….I was just…uh….um….”

ID: 1758326

6. This cat, who never seems to want to go out on dates anymore.

Not that I don’t love a good pizza and Netflix binge every once in a while, but…

ID: 1758261

7. This cat, whose borderline stalker behavior has become alarming.

“You just look so peaceful when you sleep…”

ID: 1758338

8. This cat, who is way too into his car.

We all know where that can go…

ID: 1758243

9. This cat, whose use of party drugs you fear is no longer recreational.

ID: 1758350

10. This cat, who made this face at the suggestion of having lunch with your parents.

ID: 1758241

11. This cat, who’s an obsessive workaholic.

C’mon, can’t you take one night off to focus on our relationship?

ID: 1758310

12. This cat, whose dangerous rocker image has worn thin after a while.

ID: 1758332

13. And this cat, who doesn’t realize his midlife-crisis toupee is more Donald Trump than Brad Pitt.

Not foolin’ anybody, bro.

ID: 1758311

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