Which Sorority Should You Actually Have Pledged?

You don’t choose the sorority life, the sorority life chooses you.

    1. Because, sisterhood.
    3. I was told there would be pizza.
    4. I’m a legacy. I had to.
    5. My mom and dad said it would be good for me.
    6. I got talked into it by my freshman roommate.
    7. I loved prom in high school, and I heard Greek Life has formals.
    8. The movies made it look like a lot of fun.
    9. I never rushed. This quiz is the equivalent .

    1. None, but I’m someone’s little!
    2. Just one!
    3. Two, but I love them both equally.
    4. Three, but I only really like two of them.
    5. Do G-Littles count?
    6. I had a couple, but they all dropped out. :(
    7. My family is too large to count. I’m basically a grandma.
    8. We don’t do big-little in my chapter.
    9. I have a little sister…in real life?

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    1. I love it. It’s basically my life.
    2. Meh.
    4. It’s cool, but I wish it could be shortened like “frat.”
    5. It’s not a sorority. It’s a “women’s fraternity.”
    6. What’s a sorority?
    7. It could be classier.
    8. I’d prefer “social club.”
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