19 Weirdest Lady Gadgets On Pinterest

Buried beneath the mini-cupcakes and chunky sweaters is a burgeoning gadget community on Pinterest. Behold some of the very…strangest.

1. Prom picture fail prevention

2. Families that charge together stay together

3. Books inside books inside books

4. Disgusting router disguises

6. Beautiful tablet keyboard

7. Protect your nails, but be incapable of doing anything else

8. Ceramic pig speaker

9. DIY pretend-you’re-reading-an-actual-book cover

10. Type amidst the flowers

11. Protect your vulnerable holes with a bow

No seriously that is what they call it .

12. Pink cords don’t get lost like white ones, duh

13. Be actually different

14. For when you need to bake only seven cupcakes

15. No sound specs listed for the flower megaphone

16. Never waste time untangling headphones again

17. Does this scroll yes or no

18. Never throw away old test tubes

19. Sparkling KitchenAid creates sparkling cupcakes

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