19 Weirdest Lady Gadgets On Pinterest

Buried beneath the mini-cupcakes and chunky sweaters is a burgeoning gadget community on Pinterest. Behold some of the very…strangest.

1. Prom picture fail prevention

ID: 658136

2. Families that charge together stay together

ID: 658148

3. Books inside books inside books

ID: 658168

4. Disgusting router disguises

ID: 658251

5. Beats by Martha

ID: 658184

6. Beautiful tablet keyboard

ID: 658191

7. Protect your nails, but be incapable of doing anything else

ID: 658199

8. Ceramic pig speaker

ID: 658212

9. DIY pretend-you’re-reading-an-actual-book cover

ID: 658242

10. Type amidst the flowers

ID: 658236

11. Protect your vulnerable holes with a bow

No seriously that is what they call it .

ID: 658231

12. Pink cords don’t get lost like white ones, duh

ID: 658220

13. Be actually different

ID: 658217

14. For when you need to bake only seven cupcakes

ID: 658178

15. No sound specs listed for the flower megaphone

ID: 658223

16. Never waste time untangling headphones again

ID: 658226

17. Does this scroll yes or no

ID: 658246

18. Never throw away old test tubes

ID: 658263

19. Sparkling KitchenAid creates sparkling cupcakes

ID: 675738

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