Why Beluga Whales Should Be Your New Favorite Mammal

Beluga whales, the corgis of the ocean.

1. Beluga whales are quite possibly the ocean’s most adorable mammal.

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2. They belong to the same family as narwhals, which is pretty rad.

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3. And like to travel in big groups.

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4. Which means they’re super friendly.

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5. Seriously look how happy they are!

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6. They’re very creative…

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7. …athletic…

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8. …and love music.

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10. They love to celebrate.

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11. And aren’t afraid of being silly.

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12. Did we mention how adorable they are?

Brenna Hernandez / Via wgntv.com
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13. Instagram, anyone?

Tag me!

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14. They LOVE kids.

Hi! What’s your name?

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15. Nom nom…

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16. Where are your fins?

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17. They make no judgements, a friend is a friend.

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18. And most importantly, they are excellent photo bombers.

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