Why Allergies Will Ruin Your Spring

They say spring is in the air. It’s actually just pollen.

1. If you have allergies, spring is the absolute worst.

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2. The sneezing.

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4. Watery eyes.

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7. And drowsiness.

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8. All together, it’s enough to bring a guy down.

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9. Especially when all of your friends are having so much fun.

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10. They love spring.

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11. Soaking up the sun.

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12. Wearing pastels.

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13. Laying out.

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14. Smelling fresh flowers.

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15. Frolicking through fields.

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16. But every time you go outside, you’re just like:

“Nature… the worst.”

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17. Really all you want to do is sleep.

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18. Surf the Internet for a while.

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19. And crawl into a dark cave far away from high pollen counts and mold spores.

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20. But regardless of how you feel, spring is here.

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21. So go on— dive right in.

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22. And if you can’t beat them, join them.


Just make sure you’re properly equipped.

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