Major Record Label Makes A Joke That A Lot Of People Found Pretty Sexist

On Thursday, Spinnin’ Records posted a photo of a turntable retrofitted into a burner, along with the comment “Pioneer finally developed a CD-J for women.” Many in the music community aren’t happy about it.

1. On Thursday, Sept. 12, Spinnin’ Records, one of the biggest labels in dance music, posted the following image to its Facebook and Twitter pages.

2. Almost immediately backlash began to pour in against Spinnin’ Records, criticizing them for being sexist.

3. Many of those speaking up included well-known DJs who were upset with Spinnin’ Records for showing little tact.

time to prove a point. RT this if you agree that this @spinninrecords post was sexist and disgusting.

— thejanedoze (@The Jane Doze)

7. Famous media moguls, such as Cindy Gallop, also began to weigh in, arguing that this is just one of the examples of what women in music still have to deal with.

Sexism is alive & well in music RT @spinninrecords Thanks @PioneerDJ for finally developing a CD-J suitable for women

— cindygallop (@Cindy Gallop)

Hey @boreta this is what women in electronica are fighting @spinninrecords @pioneerdj cc @thejanedoze #changetheratio

— cindygallop (@Cindy Gallop)

9. Even actress Sophia Bush, who is friends with female DJ duo The Jane Doze, spoke out against Spinnin’ Records via Instagram calling on them to “grow up.”

10. On Friday, Sept. 13, Spinnin’ Records posted the following apology to their Facebook.

11. Some offered their support in defense of the photo, calling it nothing more than a joke.

13. Though many remained less than pleased with the record label.

15. On Saturday, Sept. 14, Spinnin’ Records released yet another comment on their Facebook page apologizing for “unintentionally” offending anybody.

16. However just hours before issuing its second apology via Facebook, Eelko van Kooten, co-founder of Spinnin’ Records had the following to say on Twitter to Claire Schlissel, of the DJ duo, The Jane Doze.

17. On Saturday, Sept. 14, The Jane Doze posted a personal statement to their Tumblr regarding their feelings on this situation and sexism in the EDM industry as a whole.

“In our three and a half years together as The Jane Doze, we have not only witnessed but also been the target of sexism on numerous occasions – in live settings, in professional settings, in digital settings. And it is worth noting that the perpetrators are not exclusively male. Attitudes from females in the dance music industry have also reflected the pervasive sentiment that women are less capable of making or spinning music… cont’d.”

18. As of Saturday, Spinnin’ Records has yet to remove the post from its Facebook or Twitter pages.

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