How To Piss Off Every Settler Of Catan In Just 14 Moves

Sheep for wheat? Bitch, please!

14. Refuse to trade resources just because you don’t want to.

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13. Lie about not having a resource, then use it on your next turn.

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12. Ask what you need to build when your resource card is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

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11. Constantly ask for clarification as to what people want to trade.

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10. Mess up the board when you reach for more resources.

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9. Take FOREVER to make a move.

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8. Complain about what you should have done vs. what you actually did.

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7. Buy up all the development cards so no one else can.

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6. Grab the dice before it’s your turn.

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5. Make ridiculous demands when trading resources.

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4. Build a settlement that blocks someone’s longest road.

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3. Roll a 7 right before someone is about to win.

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1. Finally, refuse to play another game because you already won.

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