30 Moments That Could Only Ever Happen In Texas

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. #TEXASFOREVER

1. These loyal Sonic patrons.

Level of Texas-ness: Saying “How ‘bout them Cowboys?” when conversations get awkward.

2. This extremely important grocery store announcement.

Maya Perez


Announcement over loud speaker that UT beat OU and #HEB erupts in applause. #onlyintexas

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Level of Texas-ness: Feeling nostalgic when watching Friday Night Lights because that was your life in high school.

3. This inventive truck bed.

Level of Texas-ness: Forgetting to take your shotgun out of your car for school Monday morning after going skeet shooting that weekend.

4. This patriot.

Level of Texas-ness: Learning to two-step before you could walk.

5. These die-hard performers.

Level of Texas-ness: Saying “It’s SO NICE outside!” anytime it’s under 85 degrees.

6. This regal True Value mascot.

Level of Texas-ness: Bringing a cowbell to a football game.

7. These girls filled to the brim with school spirit.

Level of Texas-ness: Accidentally reciting the Texas State pledge instead of the Pledge of Allegiance.

8. This thought-provoking sign.

Level of Texas-ness: Knowing queso and ranch dressing go well with everything.

9. This majestic waffle.

Level of Texas-ness: Owning a belt buckle bigger than the size of your fist.

10. This cheerful gathering.

Level of Texas-ness: Starting all of your insults with “bless your heart.”

11. This necessary wardrobe staple.

Level of Texas-ness: Having your entire town shut down on a Friday because there’s a football game.

12. This precious package.

Level of Texas-ness: Burning your hand on your truck handle on a summer day.

13. This glorious food truck.

Level of Texas-ness: “Why wouldn’t you eat tacos for breakfast?”

14. This unconventionally awesome monster truck.

Level of Texas-ness: You can’t spell Texas without H-E-B.

15. This costume, which you will undoubtedly attempt to replicate this year.

Level of Texas-ness: Winning a cow in the calf scramble at the county fair.

16. This necessary sign.

Level of Texas-ness: George Strait.

17. These guys who know how to properly tailgate.

Level of Texas-ness: Parking farther away from the store because there’s a spot in the shade.

18. This proud flag that knows its place in the world.

Level of Texas-ness: Stopping whatever you’re doing to go to Sonic happy hour.

19. This stately sandwich cutter.

Level of Texas-ness: Knowing conversational Spanish before you take a single class.

20. This sign that knows its audience.

Level of Texas-ness: Asking your mom if your homecoming mum could be bigger.

21. This cowboy just trying to get his caffeine fill.

Level of Texas-ness: Using “rodeo” as a verb.

22. This business that knows what’s up.

Level of Texas-ness: Drinking more sweet tea than water.

23. These guys enjoying their redneck hot tub.

Level of Texas-ness: Schlitterbahn.

24. This concerned fashionista.

Level of Texas-ness: Cringing when people call Taylor Swift country music.

25. This glorious combination of all things that are good in this world.

Level of Texas-ness: Having multiple friends with dual names (e.g., Maricarolyn, Sarabeth, Loriann).

26. This use of public tax dollars.

Level of Texas-ness: Getting irrationally upset at any mention of Oklahoma.

27. This real-life struggle.

LOL - there is a coach from another school here scouting our team for next weeks middle school football game #onlyintexas

— Chris Koenig (@ChrisKoenig)

Chris Koenig


LOL - there is a coach from another school here scouting our team for next weeks middle school football game #onlyintexas

/ Via

Level of Texas-ness: Owning a pair of work boots and dress boots.

28. This band of brothers.

Tractor caravan #onlyintexas @SorryImTexan @TylerTxProblems

— Will Bentley (@wlbntly)

Will Bentley


Tractor caravan #onlyintexas @SorryImTexan @TylerTxProblems

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Level of Texas-ness: Saying you want a Coke, then ordering a Dr Pepper.

This splendid snapshot.

WHATAHORSE! These horses were spotted outside a Whataburger in North Texas #khou #onlyintexas

— KHOU 11 News Houston (@KHOU)

KHOU 11 News Houston


WHATAHORSE! These horses were spotted outside a Whataburger in North Texas #khou #onlyintexas

/ Via

Level of Texas-ness: Not being able to start your day until you’ve had a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

29. This enterprising establishment.

A trip to Houston wouldn't be complete without a stop at the local drive-thru liquor store. #OnlyinTexas

— Tina Trinh (@TinaTrinhNYC)

Tina Trinh


A trip to Houston wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the local drive-thru liquor store. #OnlyinTexas

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Level of Texas-ness: Getting excused from school because you’re showing your animals.

30. This business that’s just trying to maximize its resources.

Level of Texas-ness: Saying you’re liberal by voting for Romney.

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