The Ups And Downs Of Going To Zumba For The Very First Time

You’ve heard Zumba is a great way to work out and your landlady lost like, 30 pounds doing it. So why not give it a try?

1. The lights go off, the music comes on and you have no idea what to expect

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2. The instructor starts out with a simple-ish routine

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3. The rest of the class looks amazing and synchronized and you’re in the back corner trying to follow along

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4. You miss a few steps and it’s just like “Why am I even really here?”

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5. But you recover by doing your own thing and hope nobody notices

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6. Which makes you laugh, because this is just silly and you’re supposed to have fun while feeling the burn

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7. If the 60 year old Asian women surrounding you can do this, so can you, dammit!

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8. You have a moment and think to yourself “Am I kind of sweating to the oldies right now?”

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9. But all of a sudden your teacher picks up the pace and you’re just like

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10. You do your best to keep up but become tired. Real tired. Your legs forget they’re attached to the rest of your body and give up

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12. Before you can put the cap back on your water bottle, another song comes on

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13. But you finally found your groove!

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14. And you’re doing great!

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15. And you never want class to end!

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16. And you can’t wait to come back next week, because Zumba makes you feel fabulous!

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