So You Were A Camp Counselor This Summer

You loved going to camp as kid, so you decided to go back. It’s going to be just as fun, right? WRONG.

You remember going to summer camp when you were a kid.

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1. You remember it being AWESOME.

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2. You met the coolest people.

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3. You became BFFLS (best friends for LIFE)

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4. You promised you would keep in touch.

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5. But never talked again after that summer.

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6. But it was still an AWESOME memory.

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7. So you decide to become a counselor.

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8. BONUS- you get PAID this time around.

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9. Then you see where you’ll be staying for six plus weeks.

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10. And then you remember all the crappy parts of camp. What did you get yourself into?

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11. Sunburns.

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12. Bugs. Bugs, everywhere.

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13. Way too many team building activities.

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14. And now you have new, added problems.

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15. Now you have to break up fights.

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16. You have to comfort homesick kids.

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17. You have to pretend to care about their problems.

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18. You have to deal with the kid drama AND the staff drama.

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19. You never get to sleep.

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20. You now have annoying boss to deal with.

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21. You realize that you hate dealing with kids.

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23. You need a drink.

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24. Oh wait, YOU CAN’T DRINK.

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25. And then you get that one great kid.

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26. And your heart melts.

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27. But you’re still so glad when it’s over.

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