14 Ways Horror Movies Ruined Your Life

Thanks a lot, Hollywood.

1. You now have to check the shower curtain for hidden murderers.

2. And closing the bathroom cabinet means someone could be standing behind you.

3. If you wake up during witching hour, some paranormal activity sh*t is definitely going down.

4. When your TV suddenly goes static, your heart races a little.

5. If you look in the rear view mirror, you’re bound to see someone unexpected.

6. The idea of using a ouija board is absolutely terrifying.

7. When your cat stares at nothing in the corner, you’re convinced there’s a ghost in your apartment.

8. Walking down a dark basement is just a disaster waiting to happen.

9. You have absolutely no desire to own a doll because TALK ABOUT CREEPY.

10. If you’re alone in your house and hear a loud noise, a panic attack ensues.

11. You no longer sleep with your feet hanging off the bed because a monster is obviously going to grab them.

12. Looking in a mirror and saying Bloody Mary three times is a DUMB WAY TO DIE.

13. After watching a scary movie, you have to play something happy to calm your nerves.

14. And you may even keep your night light on.

Or TV.

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