14 Ways Horror Movies Ruined Your Life

Thanks a lot, Hollywood.

1. You now have to check the shower curtain for hidden murderers.

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2. And closing the bathroom cabinet means someone could be standing behind you.

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3. If you wake up during witching hour, some paranormal activity sh*t is definitely going down.

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4. When your TV suddenly goes static, your heart races a little.

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5. If you look in the rear view mirror, you’re bound to see someone unexpected.

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6. The idea of using a ouija board is absolutely terrifying.

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7. When your cat stares at nothing in the corner, you’re convinced there’s a ghost in your apartment.

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8. Walking down a dark basement is just a disaster waiting to happen.

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9. You have absolutely no desire to own a doll because TALK ABOUT CREEPY.

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10. If you’re alone in your house and hear a loud noise, a panic attack ensues.

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11. You no longer sleep with your feet hanging off the bed because a monster is obviously going to grab them.

ID: 1129672

12. Looking in a mirror and saying Bloody Mary three times is a DUMB WAY TO DIE.

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13. After watching a scary movie, you have to play something happy to calm your nerves.

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14. And you may even keep your night light on.

Or TV.

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