10 Vines That Make Good Birth Control

Are you sure you want kids?

1. This one that displays the high volume of screams a single child can produce.

2. This vine that prepares you for all the future after-school meetings you’ll have to attend.

3. This one that conveys the level of sassiness toddlers can achieve.

4. This vine that explains why you can never travel with small children.

5. This one that reminds everyone of a child’s five finger discount problem.

6. And this vine that shows you just how little a filter kids have.

7. There’s also this one that proves kids will do anything to be the center of attention.

8. And this vine (OK, instagram) reinforces the inevitable temper tantrums parents have to deal with.

9. This one displays how much you will have to change your daily activities for kids.

10. And this vine shows you just how unaware children can be.

Use protection, y’all.

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