10 Vines That Make Good Birth Control

Are you sure you want kids?

1. This one that displays the high volume of screams a single child can produce.

ID: 1453404

2. This vine that prepares you for all the future after-school meetings you’ll have to attend.

ID: 1375206

3. This one that conveys the level of sassiness toddlers can achieve.

ID: 1448435

4. This vine that explains why you can never travel with small children.

ID: 1375423

5. This one that reminds everyone of a child’s five finger discount problem.

ID: 1451103

6. And this vine that shows you just how little a filter kids have.

ID: 1451137

7. There’s also this one that proves kids will do anything to be the center of attention.

ID: 1451181

8. And this vine (OK, instagram) reinforces the inevitable temper tantrums parents have to deal with.

ID: 1457481

9. This one displays how much you will have to change your daily activities for kids.

ID: 1451629

10. And this vine shows you just how unaware children can be.

ID: 1451839

Use protection, y’all.

ID: 1453671

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