14 Times Brands Showed Their Sassy Side On Twitter

Give these social media managers a raise. Especially Taco Bell.

1. That time Smart Car proved they are mathematical geniuses.

ID: 1370609

2. When AMC called out Oreo for breaking the rules.

ID: 1370746

3. When Sega wished to go back in time.

ID: 1370786

4. That time Old Spice stirred the pot with Taco Bell, and then Taco Bell did it right back.

ID: 1370822

5. When the Dallas Stars delivered this sick burn.

ID: 1370936

6. When O2 gave zero fucks.

ID: 1510330

7. That time Deadspin had a little unchecked aggression.

ID: 1510688

8. When Wake County Schools threw some shade at this student.

ID: 1510813

9. That time Taco Bell insulted Karen Smith.

ID: 1512778

10. When Betfair Poker tweeted their opinion on a popular TV show.

ID: 1512846

11. When Grand West found the apostrophe.

“We managed to track down the missing apostrophes. It came out in the interrogation that they just needed a break. We are glad to report that after some R and R they are ready to get back to work between the T and S. Thank you Jason Elk, we could not have done it without you.”

ID: 1513027

12. When Charmin gave some solid advice to Rob Delaney.

ID: 1512912

13. That time The White House publicly shamed Bo.

ID: 1512861

14. And when Taco Bell fired shots at BuzzFeed.

ID: 1513132

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