25 Things You Can’t Believe Still Don’t Exist In 2013

Get it together, the future is supposed to be now.

1. An Instant Cure for the Common Cold

Can’t we just inject a shot or something that will stop all the congestion?

2. Long Phone Chargers

Seriously, why is my phone still charging on the floor??

3. A Universal System for Splitting Checks

Everyone would properly contribute and the process would be a lot less stressful.

4. Commercial-Free Hulu Plus

It actually makes no sense for me to pay $7.99/month to watch ads when I can Netflix binge for the same amount.

5. Same-Sex Marriage

We’re making progress, but this really shouldn’t even be an issue. Love is love.

6. HBO GO Subscription

I would just like to pay to watch HBO shows without needing to purchase a cable plan. The world needs this, HBO.

7. Tangle-Free Headphones

C’mon, guys. If we invented 3-D printing, we can surely find a solution for this?

8. The ability to live stream all television legally

I would just like to watch a TV show without getting spoilers.

9. A Female U.S. President

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Maybe 2016 has a chance.

10. Flying Cars

This is basically in every futuristic movie/book and yet this is not a reality. We owe it to the Jetsons!

11. Phones with a Long Battery Life

Please tell me someone is working on a legitimate solution to this unfortunate problem?

12. 3-D Movies that Don’t Require Glasses

This is especially painful for those who already wear glasses. Get to work, Hollywood!

13. Jetpacks

Theresa Martinez / Shutterstock


14. Photo Attachments in Twitter DMs

Get your shit together, Twitter.

15. A Cure for Cancer

Christoper Parypa / Shutterstock

Science is doing all they can, but let’s hope a reliable breakthrough surfaces soon.

16. Teleportation

Can you imagine life with no horrifying airport experiences? Bliss.

17. Practical Texting Keyboard

Really, Apple? REALLY?

18. The Completion of the 2nd Avenue Subway

The fact that this was mentioned on Mad Men should be plenty alarming.

19. The Ability to Unsend Texts

We’ve all made that regrettable texting mistake and all we want is the chance to take it back.

20. GIF-supported Facebook


21. An Abundance of Charging Stations

These should be on planes, in subways, at restaurants, everywhere. OR someone could just invent a charge-less phone.

22. Universal Wi-Fi

Privacy shimvacy. Just let me text on the train.

23. Semi-Permanent Tattoos

Some of us want tattoos, but maybe not forever. Can’t we just have one that lasts three to five years or something? Laser removal hurts too much.

24. AC on Subway Platforms

Melting. We are all melting.

25. Calorie-Free Food

Good question, Bill. Good. Question.

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