The First Week At A New Job Vs. A Year Later

“How’s your new job?” “Everyone is really nice.”

1. The first week at a job: how you feel about your new co-workers.

Fox /
ID: 2813724

A year later:

ID: 2813735

2. First week: dressing up for work.

New Line Cinema /
ID: 2813794

A year later:

Universal Pictures /
ID: 2813783

3. First week: when someone gets a promotion.

ID: 2814190

4. First week: awkwardly eating alone.

Paramount Pictures /
ID: 2814014

A year later: eating at your desk because you’re too damn busy*.


*You haven’t done anything yet so you should probably get started on something.

ID: 2814354

5. First week: learning the ropes of the new job.

ID: 2814451

A year later: still confused.

Disney /
ID: 2814234

6. First week: calling in sick because you’re actually sick.

ID: 2814521

A year later: calling in “sick” because you’re still drunk or extremely hungover.

ID: 2814532

7. First week: friending your co-workers on social platforms.

ID: 2814848

A year later:

ID: 2814807

8. First week: going into work early.

ID: 2815181

A year later: late, all the time.

ID: 2815204

9. First week: having a doctor’s appointment and actually going to the doctor.

ID: 2816210

A year later: using the “doctor’s appointment” excuse to interview for another job.

ID: 2816244

10. First week: trying to remember everyone’s names.

ID: 2816603

A year later:

ID: 2816781

11. First week: when someone asks how the new job is going.

20th Century Fox
ID: 2816805

A year later:

ID: 2816817

12. First week:

20th Century Fox /
ID: 2813809

A year later:

20th Century Fox /
ID: 2813811

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