31 Signs You’re A Florida State Seminole

F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E! Florida State, Florida State, Florida State! WOOO!

1. Westcott Fountain was one of the first places you visited when touring campus.

Arielle Calderon

And it’s one of the first places you brought out-of-towners.

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2. You followed tradition and jumped in the fountain on your birthday.

Even if it was freezing out.

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3. It’s also where you took some graduation photos.

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4. Parking on campus required an ungodly amount of patience and time, and if you didn’t find a spot before classes started, you said “screw it” and went home.

You’ve probably offered to drive people to their cars in hopes of getting their spot.

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5. If you’ve ever been here, the nurse probably told you you’re pregnant.

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6. You’ve been towed by PPS at least once and undoubtedly had a one-way screaming match with the front desk.

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But you wish you were the genius that paid the $88 fee with 8,800 pennies.

Bravo, sir. Bravo.

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7. You’ve walked this path to games numerous times and were well aware of the reputation that precedes it.

Always travel in groups.

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8. You take great pride in Doak and often brag about its Hogwarts-like appearance.

Arielle Calderon
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Arielle Calderon


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9. The Unconquered Statue was your symbol of hope.

Ryan Register / Via Flickr: ryanregister
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10. Watching Osceola spear the field remains one of the most exciting game moments.

Lance McCord / Via Flickr: mccord
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11. As does catching a glimpse of Red Lightning in action.

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12. You’ve taken at least one picture with the Garnet and Gold Guys.

Arielle Calderon

Still pondering how long it takes to scrub that glitter off.

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13. And you know that there’s nothing more magical than doing the chop with thousands of other Seminoles to the sound of the Warchant.

ID: 1084020

14. You almost love Bobby and Jimbo more than football itself.

Leann Arthur / Flickr: starryeyedmind

Streeter Lecka / Getty



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15. Club Pub was your sanctuary, and the only place to get decent Chinese food.

And was once named Playboy’s best place to pick up a hot date.

ID: 1085145

16. When you turned 21, you could finally go to this bar.

And purchase your Moose Card!

ID: 1083948

17. You probably made a poor life decision here once or twice.

What happens in Heritage Grove unfortunately gets broadcast to the internet.

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18. And Landis was the definition of serenity.

ID: 1084199

19. You looked forward to seeing Mrs. Killings at the Suwannee.

“Baby, I love you!”

ID: 1082006

20. When you got drunk, the Night Nole was your best friend.

ID: 1084263

21. And these were your go-to drunk food places.

ID: 2235706

22. The first time you went here, you were amazed and terrified by the bouncy dance floor.

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23. You bragged about how hot the girls were.

Taylor McKnight / Via Flickr: gtmcknight

Have you SEEN the FSU Cowgirls?

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24. You spent way too many nights at Club Stroz, and probably didn’t even study that much.

Megan Barton / Via Flickr: meganbarton
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25. This site was your worst enemy.

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26. If you were assigned to Salley Hall, you probably tried to switch dorms.

But eventually embraced it.

ID: 1084513

27. Walking from Woodward to Diffenbaugh in a 15-minute span was your own personal hell.

And if you went from the Psych building to Diffenbaugh, you had to accept you would probably be late for class.

ID: 1084722

28. When you drove down Apalachee, you always saw “the penis.”

Stay classy, Tallahassee.

ID: 1085067

29. You spent most of your freshman days at these bars.

RIP, Strip.

ID: 1085008

30. UM and UF were the two most important games of the season.

If you lose, you turn off your phone and cry in bed. If you win, you torture your rival friends until next year’s game.

ID: 1084917

31. And Jameis Winston’s Hei5man win was one of the greatest moments in FSU history.

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty
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Go Noles and good luck in the BCS National Championship game!

Rice and Danielle / Via Flickr: ricemaru
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