21 People Who Prove Your Baking Could Be Worse

Nailed it.

1. The guy who tried to replicate this Sour Patch cake and ruined everything.

ID: 1478454

2. The person who underestimated the talent needed to master snowmen cookies.

ID: 1473246

3. This person who doesn’t understand how layered cakes work.

ID: 1479536

4. The girl who didn’t quite get the memo on the swirling technique.

ID: 1473259

5. This guy who will probably eat these s’mores cookies anyway, because whatever it’s still delicious.

ID: 1473281

6. The girl who should’ve committed to this baking relationship.

ID: 1473366

7. The person who should stick to store-bought desserts.

ID: 1473297

8. The guy who had no idea what he was doing.

ID: 1473316

9. This person who needs to step away from the kitchen.

ID: 1473329

10. The girl who clearly ran out of patience.

ID: 1473360

11. The guy who doesn’t understand color distribution.

ID: 1473379

12. The girl who needs a lesson in frosting a cake.

ID: 1473388

13. The guy who should’ve known this was a disaster waiting to happen.

ID: 1473425

14. The person who tried to make cookie bowls and just couldn’t handle it.

ID: 1478998

15. The girl who should not trust Pinterest recommendations.

ID: 1473999

16. The girl who attempted the Kit Kat cake.

ID: 1479501

17. The person who didn’t even try to make this American flag cake.

ID: 1475837

18. This guy who made the donkey piñata cookie look like a rabbit.

ID: 1474362

19. The girl who has never baked before in her life.

ID: 1478484

20. The girl who thought making a rainbow cake would turn out great.

ID: 1479563

21. And the person who did this.

ID: 1474380

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