17 Jokes Only "Hunger Games" Fans Will Understand

The odds are in our favor.

1. The color of this crayon:

ID: 1710985

2. This cross-reference between Hunger Games’ Katniss and Harry Potter’s Seamus Finnigan:

ID: 1710994

3. This detention slip:

ID: 1710998

4. This truth bomb:

ID: 1711012

5. Peeta’s cake decorating skills:

ID: 1711015

6. This Christmas card:

ID: 1713262

7. This catchy new song:

ID: 1711023

8. People who ship Katniss and Peeta:

ID: 1711026

9. Mean Tributes:

Coming to a theater near you.

ID: 1711031

10. This uncanny Spongebob comparison:

ID: 1711106

11. This very appropriate sign:

ID: 1711112

12. Peeta’s image:

ID: 1711116

13. This unfortunate situation Gale finds himself in:

ID: 1711121

14. That time Katniss totally lied to Prim about the mockingjay pin:

ID: 1711180

15. Effie’s hair:

ID: 1711196

16. The Reaping:

ID: 1711328

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