Entering The Real World: Expectations Vs. Reality

It’s not always what you thought it would be.

1. Expectation: Having money once you get a job.

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Reality: Spending it all on food, happy hours, and bills.

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2. Expectation: Going to the gym every day after work.

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Reality: Go the first week and then realize you’re too tired for that.

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3. Expectations: Meeting someone special spontaneously.

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Reality: Meeting people online.

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4. Expectation: Paying off your student loans within a few years.

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Reality: Never happening.

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5. Expectation: Cooking cheap, healthier meals for yourself.

ID: 1308780

Reality: Drive-thru and delivery.

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6. Expectation: Using your vacation days to travel.

ID: 1309130

Reality: Using your vacation days for hangovers.

ID: 1309156

7. Expectation: Having crazy fun weekends.

ID: 1309701

Reality: Netflix. You are way too exhausted from the work week.

ID: 1309671

8. Expectations: Keeping in touch with high school/college friends.

ID: 1309757

Reality: The sad truth.

Arielle Calderon
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9. Expectation: Going out after work.

ID: 1310474

Reality: It’s a weekday and way past your bedtime.

ID: 1310436

10. Expectation: Dating will get better.

ID: 1312738

Reality: Still awkward.

ID: 1312711

11. Expectation: Landing what you believe is your dream job.

ID: 1310306

Reality: You have no idea what you want to do with your life.

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