Did You Know That A Commercial For Skype Could Make You Cry Like A Baby?


1. Warning: This video may induce tears.

ID: 1925819

2. This is Sarah and Paige. They’ve been Skype friends since they were 8 years old.

ID: 1926202

3. They met online because they were both born without a full left arm.

ID: 1926284

4. They teach each other things about living with their disability, such as doing their hair.

ID: 1926254

5. And painting their nails.

ID: 1926256

6. But they had never met in person before, until now.

ID: 1926258

7. And the moment is so touching and beautiful, it will bring you to tears.

ID: 1926259

8. Here they are hugging it out for the first time.

ID: 1926261

9. And even the moms share a special bond.

ID: 1926267

10. And now Sarah and Paige are best friends online and in real life!


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H/T Adweek

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