19 Brutally Honest Teacher Confessions

From the secret-sharing app Whisper.

1. On judging kids by their looks:

2. On relating more to students than people realize:

3. On inappropriate flirting:

4. *Extreme eye rolling*

5. The matchmaker:

6. The teacher who makes you study for no apparent reason:

7. On pet peeves:

8. The sentimental professor:

9. On having favorites:

10. On keeping a grudge:

11. The partygoer:

12. The teacher living a sex fantasy:

13. The professor living way too many sex fantasies:

14. The professor in need of an ego boost:

15. The professor in desperate need of attention:

16. On going back to bad habits:

17. The underappreciated parent:

18. The eavesdropper:

19. And the pothead:

You can download the Whisper app to your phone for more juicy secrets.

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