27 Things Advertising People Know To Be True

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1. Everyone hates status meetings.

The clients, the creatives, the account team. EVERYONE.

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2. When it’s eerily quiet on the line, you know the other callers are talking shit on mute.

Arielle Calderon

We all do it.

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3. And as soon as you get off the phone, you do this so you can chat about all the stupid stuff said on the call.

Arielle Calderon
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4. You see these buzzwords in emails almost every day.

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5. Meeting invites are the bane of your existence.

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6. Eating lunch at your desk is an everyday occurrence.

Maybe unless you’re having a good-bye lunch.

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7. Clients always want the logo to be BIGGER.

Arielle Calderon
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8. Pitching new business means you’ll lose sleep and your sanity.

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9. Seeing QR codes in impractical places makes you shake your head.

Does anyone NOT in the ad industry even know what this is?

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10. Great company culture includes a whole lot of weird.

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11. And leisurely activities.

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12. And an abundance of alcohol.

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13. There’s a ton of odd décor at the agency, and that’s the way you like it.

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14. You work a ridiculous amount of hours and leaving by 6 p.m. is considered a miracle.

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15. And mistaking Thursday for Friday is the absolute worst.

You just want to LEAVE.

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16. People are always late for meetings.

Except maybe AAEs.

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17. The client will never approve your creative the first time around.

And if they do, that’s a goddamn miracle. Have a beer.

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18. When someone is “out sick,” they’re most likely interviewing for a job.

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19. Because the best way to get a raise is to jump agencies.

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20. Your non-advertising friends always assume this is your life.

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21. And every department has its stereotypes.

Arielle Calderon
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22. The holiday party is the biggest shitshow of the year.

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23. You appreciate your client significantly more when they send you free food.

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24. Filling out time sheets might be the worst activity you do at work.

A job number for every client and every little project.

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25. Besides building a deck.

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26. The client ALWAYS changes their mind.

Imagine Television/ via: Arielle Calderon
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Imagine Television/ via: Arielle Calderon
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27. And this is you every time you get off work.

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