The 15 Stages Of Killing A Spider

This was the hardest/scariest/most torturous post to make.

1. So, you’ve spotted a spider.

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2. And let’s be real, as great as they are, some spiders just gotta go.

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3. They walk all over your house acting like they own the place.

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4. They’re constantly terrorizing your family members.

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5. Sometimes they even fight amongst themselves IN YOUR SPACE.


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6. When you realize you need to kill it you’re like…

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7. But then, something comes over you and you know what time it is…

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8. It’s time to open a can of whoop ass on this intruder.

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9. This spider walked into the wroooooong house.

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10. You still feel a little nervous when getting closer to the spider.

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11. You pray that something like this doesn’t happen while completing the mission.

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12. Then you get all Jack Torrance on this spider.

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13. After you’ve properly disposed of the spider via flushing it down the toilet…

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14. You feel entitled to a small yet sweet round of applause.

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15. Time to treat yourself to long nap to deal with the trauma.

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In your gloriously spider-free room.

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Until next time…

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