You’ve Been Using Tea Lights Wrong Your Entire Life

Sure they’re pretty in a mason jar, but that’s not ALL they can do.

1. You know about tea lights.


2. They’re those little candles that are somehow everywhere, and people love them.

Simon Dannhauer / Via ThinkStock

3. You can put them in wine glasses.

Flickr: bellafaye8 / Creative Commons

4. You can even float them in water!

5. But did you know that the reason they’re called tea lights…

Flickr: titanas / Creative Commons

6. …is because they’re MEANT TO HEAT UP TEA?!

Flickr: peterme / Creative Commons

The metal casing lets the wick continue burning in the melted wax for about 3-5 hours, perfect for keeping tea warm while you casually drink it.

7. (They’re also used for heating up other edible things, like fondue.)

kumeda / ThinkStock

8. And now you know the intended use of tea lights.

Abso Lutely Productions / Via


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