23 Problems Solved By People Who Are Clearly On Another Level

Life made easy.

1. Been working on that Rubik’s for HOURS?

Problem solved (by thinking outside of the cube).

ID: 3607231

2. No time to get to the mechanic?

Problem solved.

ID: 3469436

3. Need to bring your buddy somewhere he isn’t allowed?

Problem solved.

ID: 3607236

4. Exasperated by the constant slipping of your mid-shower glass of wine?

Problem solved.

ID: 3607237

5. Super attached to your broken clock?

Problem solved.

ID: 3468199

6. Can’t see your Kindle but don’t want to leave the pool?

Problem solved.

ID: 3469653

7. Don’t feel like….plugging in your iron?

(Not totally clear what the problem is here, but something innovative is definitely going on.)

ID: 3469655

8. Love the arts, but a bit uncomfortable with the human body?

Problem modestly solved.

ID: 3470297

9. Can’t say goodbye to your beloved (but broken) flip flops?

Problem solved.

ID: 3470351

10. Can’t drop the cash on a new door handle?

Problem solved.

ID: 3470563

11. Can’t waste even one more second searching for a parking spot?

Problem (dangerously) solved.

ID: 3607233

12. Desperate to charge your iPhone, but not desperate enough to buy a new charger?


ID: 3606895

13. Can’t see out that back window?

Problem solved.

ID: 3607417

14. No in-flight entertainment?

Problem solved.

ID: 3607411

15. Keep waking yourself up every time you nod off?

Problem solved.

ID: 3607424

16. Not too stoked about the distance between cookie and cup?

Problem solved.

ID: 3607453

17. Feel like one glass doesn’t hold the amount of Jägerbomb you truly desire?

Who ever made this.......you are my hero! #problemsolved

— Birdy (@ak_birdy)
ID: 3607455

Problem drunkenly solved.

ID: 3607590

18. Extinguisher gone missing?

Problem solved.

ID: 3469547

19. Embarrassed about your shattered screen?

How to make the best out of a bad situation

— That Awkward Moment (@awkwardposts)
ID: 3607454

Problem solved.

ID: 3607591

20. Not really sure how to install A/C into your vintage car?

Problem solved.

ID: 3607409

21. Lost your suspenders?

Problem solved.

ID: 3607407

22. Laptop fan just not getting the job done anymore?

My LAPTOP Fan-LOL see more funny pics ever here 1 to 12 => http://t.co/XOy5KlifnS

— Only For Adult (@childhoodgon)
ID: 3607422

23. Lacking in manpower?

#Joesjests Staffing problem solved ... !! ;))

— Joe Allen (@jall69)
ID: 3607385

Problem solved.

ID: 3607593

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