26 Childhood Moments That Always Made Your Day

I call shotgun!

1. Marrying your ultimate crush in a game of MASH.

ID: 3199623

2. And getting an amazing fortune from this.

ID: 3201077

3. Conking out in a restaurant because the boring grown-ups won’t stop talking.

ID: 3199998

4. Or falling asleep in the back seat of the car on a long trip.

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5. And, if you were still small enough, being carried from wherever you’d passed out to bed.

ID: 3199644

6. Seeing this in the classroom.

ID: 3199647

7. And this in the gym.

ID: 3199649

8. And having this wealth of kids’ lit at your fingertips.

ID: 3201918

9. Getting paired with your BFF in a school project.

New Line Cinema / Via gagaforharrypotter.tumblr.com
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10. Hearing your school’s name in the list of snow day closures.

ID: 3199657

11. Staying home sick and hanging out with Bob Barker.

ID: 3199929

12. And then being pampered by your parents.

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13. Waking up early on Saturday to get the best spot on the couch for cartoons.

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14. Getting a new Super NES game at Blockbuster *and* calling dibs fast enough that you get to play it first.

ID: 3200545

15. Hearing the ice cream truck song for the first time every summer.

Flickr: ezraw / Creative Commons
ID: 3200782

16. Slurping out the brown-ish / purple-ish syrup at the bottom of one of these guys.

ID: 3199845

17. Getting a green light from your parents to order the mozzarella sticks appetizer even though you usually NEVER GET THE MOZZARELLA STICKS APPETIZER.

ID: 3199837

18. Eating the sweet cereal your parents never bought whenever you slept over a friend’s house.

ID: 3199893

19. And being allowed to hang out with your big sister and her friends during THEIR sleepover.

Flickr: carolinaterp / Creative Commons
ID: 3200503

20. Letting the wind whip through your hair in one of these.

ID: 3200033

21. And getting to ride shotgun when you have to travel by actual car.

Flickr: lorenkerns / Creative Commons
ID: 3200017

22. Finding out the ~ cool ~ babysitter is coming to hang for the night.

ID: 3200069

23. Sliding down one of these.

ID: 3200200

24. Ditto one of these.

Flickr: 29638108@N06 / Creative Commons

(Even if they were probably pretty gross.)

ID: 3200575

25. Getting to stay up late on special occasions, like New Year’s Eve, and feeling so incredibly cool.

ID: 3201961

26. And finally being tall enough to ride in these.

Flickr: dherholz / Creative Commons
ID: 3199902

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