14 Vintage Postcards Of Old Hollywood Vs. Hollywood Now

Hollywood’s seedy beauty is more timeless than you thought. These postcards from 1930-1945 show how much things have changed — and just how much they’ve stayed the same.

1. Bernheimer Gardens then…

ID: 2066385

…Yamashiro now.

At 1999 N Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles — completed in the early 1900s, it is now an expensive Japanese restaurant.

ID: 2066462

2. The Pantages Theatre then…

ID: 2066208

…and the Pantages Theatre now.

One of the former homes of the Academy Awards ceremony, the theater is at 6233 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles.

ID: 2066734

3. Griffith Observatory then…

ID: 2066416

…and Griffith Observatory now.

The planetarium of the people is at 2800 E Observatory Ave., Los Angeles.

ID: 2066431

4. The Chinese Theatre then…

ID: 2066334

…the TCL Chinese Theatre now.

The theater famous for its impressions of famous hands and other body parts is at 6925 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles.

ID: 2067180

5. NBC Radio City building then…

ID: 2066224

…a bank now.

NBC has moved — where the building in the postcard was, on the northeast corner of Sunset and Vine, there is now a Chase bank.

ID: 2068618

6. The Hollywood Bowl then…

ID: 2067540

…and the Hollywood Bowl now.

The 1920s amphitheater is at 2301 N Highland Ave., Los Angeles.

ID: 2067563

7. Westlake Park then…

ID: 2067118

…and MacArthur Park now.

The iconic Los Angeles park is at 2230 W 6th St., Los Angeles.

ID: 2067321

8. The Mulholland Memorial Fountain then…

ID: 2066944

…and the Mulholland Memorial Fountain now.

The memorial to water hog William Mulholland is in Los Feliz.

ID: 2066974

9. Chinatown then…

ID: 2066021

…and Chinatown now.

The Old Chinatown Central Plaza is at 943 N Broadway, Los Angeles.

ID: 2066499

10. Union Station then…

ID: 2066948

…and Union Station now.

Los Angeles’ main rail station is on N Alameda Street, just north of the 101.

ID: 2067003

11. The Hollywood Post Office then…

ID: 2066621

…and the Hollywood Post Office now.

Google Maps

This post office has images of celebrity stamps on its walls at 1615 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles.

ID: 2066682

12. Palm Springs then…

ID: 2066118

…and Palm Springs now.

These are images of Indian Canyons.

ID: 2067019

13. Union Air Terminal then…

ID: 2066104

…the Bob Hope Airport now.

Teeny little Bob Hope Airport is at 2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank.

ID: 2067466

14. The Hollywood skyline then…

ID: 2066205

…and now.

The Hollywood Bowl Overlook has a stunning view of the town.

ID: 2067924

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