13 Signs You’re Developing A Man Crush

We’ve all had one. Nothing wrong with a little bro-mance.

1. You buy more drinks for him at the bar than the girl you were hitting on all night

Dude, let me get that.

ID: 1594131

2. You start trying to work out with him

Hey man, wanna go on a run?

ID: 1593919

3. The thought of a bro-trip gets you pumped

Yea bro, we can totally drive there, its only like 7 hours.

ID: 1593889

4. You start dressing like him

Yo dude, where did you get that shirt?

ID: 1594055

5. You start filling up his inbox with links at work

Seriously, this shit is crazy.

ID: 1594198

6. You order the same drink as him….. every time

“Bro. What is this? It’s so good……”
“It’s a whiskey coke.”

ID: 1594332

7. You start acting like him

Sweet moves, man.

ID: 1594345

8. You text him first thing in the morning … even if the sun isn’t up yet

Austin Pollock

It’s 6 AM, brah. Chill.

ID: 1594303

9. You find yourself a little too interested in his personal life

Fox Television

Yea man. I would love to meet your fam.

ID: 1594406

10. You start changing your teams

Dude, no way. I love the Yankees.

ID: 1594424

11. You become his real life Spotify

Austin Pollock

This song is soooo epic…

ID: 1594375

12. You start making plans for the whole weekend

Columbia Pictures

So much going on this weekend bro.

ID: 1594478

13. You are willing to sacrifice yourself to be a good wingman

Anything for you, man.

ID: 1594795

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