The 27 Most Profound Things Ever Said On "Skins"

Life lessons from Bristol’s most melodramatic teens.

1. They’re a joyful bunch.

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2. Their compliments can best be described as double-edged.

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3. They most definitely know what love feels like.

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4. They know how to win an argument

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5. They have high standards.

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6. Though maybe not in all cases…

Whatever floats your boat, love…

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7. They’re an emotional lot.

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8. They’re true BFFs.

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9. They tell it how it is.

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10. But often feel confused.

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11. They’re not exactly optimists.

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12. They’re problem solvers

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13. And are great at getting their points across.

We THINK we know

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14. Their insights are just so deep.

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15. They can at least sometimes be self-assured.

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16. And life choices come easy to them.

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17. Romance is paramount.

ID: 1273374

18. Although their advice should sometimes be taken with care.

ID: 1273375

19. They like the word hurts… a lot.

ID: 1273377

20. They don’t ask for much.

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21. They often have quirky tastes.

ID: 1273379

22. And they love making profound statements.

ID: 1273381

23. They’ll most definitely change their minds.

ID: 1273384

24. But for now it’s the simple things in life…

ID: 1273385

25. They bond over pretty much anything

ID: 1273395

26. And often let their imaginations run wild.

ID: 1273397

27. Just like every teenager on the planet, then.

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