What’s Your Worst Poop Horror Story?

Bonus points if your story includes no toilet paper.

1. Pooping is one of the most intimate moments of daily life.

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2. Some of us eat lunch or contemplate our existence while doing #2.

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3. But sometimes things can go horribly, horribly wrong.

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4. Awful poop stories also tend to happen in the worst places and are generally the most cringe-worthy situations.

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Life. Isn’t. Fair.

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5. Some poop horror stories happen after too many drinks.

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“Once, a friend of mine pooped in a sink instead of the toilet and ended up sleeping next to said poop.”

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6. Or maybe this travesty happened in front of a crush.

A true classic: someone who lost all control and pooped in their pants while talking to their crush. And yes, the pooper kept talking to the crush until they walked away.

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7. Poop horror stories can also happen to someone at the workplace.

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People who’ve worked in retail understand that when one finds underwear or diapers in hidden areas, there’s going to be poop in it.

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8. Now is your chance to share your feelings — tell us your worst poop horror story!

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