What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Done In Front Of A Crush?

Snorting doesn’t count. Falling, farting, and vomiting do.

1. Having a crush is almost like being in a relationship.

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2. You think of them every day, wonder what they’re doing, and count down the hours until you’ll see them again.

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3. But the next time you see them, your usual composed self comes undone.

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All of your hard work starts to crumble.

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4. You end up either falling or tripping over things.

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“I once knew a clumsy girl who was dancing on a stage and then literally fell off the edge. This all happened in front of her crush, who, after seeing her fall, rushed to catch her.”

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5. Or you accidentally interrupt your crush while they’re on a date.

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“I was walking into the cafe on campus and saw my crush sitting alone. I went up to him and asked how he was doing; at that moment a girl came up and I thought she wanted to take the chair I was sitting in. I told her: ‘Oh, I think I’m sitting here,’ and she gave me the shittiest look and said: ‘Really? We’re kind of on a date.’ I wanted to cry.”

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6. Or maybe you end up vomiting on them.

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“I had just taken a super strong shot when my crush came up to me and we started talking. It was one of the first shots I’d ever taken and I thought I was going to be fine. But, as I was laughing at a joke my crush had made, my body rejected the shot and I threw up all over him. I began apologizing and realized something was in my nose, so I snorted it out and it turned out to be more vomit.”

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7. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. So tell us the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in front of your crush.

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Awards and badges will be given to the most cringe-worthy submissions. It’s a judge free zone, so share away!

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