11 Things To Never Say To A Hypochondriac

I’m NOT okay. You’re MISSING something and it’s ALL very scary. Adieu, adieu, remember me.

1. “Wow, that sounds serious.”

Wait…are YOU serious?!

2. “You should probably get that checked out.”

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3. “I think you’re overreacting…”

Do you know what I’m going through?

4. “You should look at the symptoms online.”

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I did and I’ve already diagnosed myself with six different chronic diseases.

5. “My sister had the same thing. She had to go to the hospital.”


6. “I’d give it another week and if you’re still feeling this way, call a doctor.”

Well, I don’t need a doctor. I just need you to tell me I’m fine!

7. “You’re fine!”

How would you know?! You’re not a doctor!

8. “It’s probably nothing, but it could be [insert horrible condition here].”

::mind explodes::

9. “Omg. I thought I had the same thing!”

So it IS real.

10. “So anyways…”

Why dost thou deny me such resolve?

11. “It sounds like you might be a hypochondriac.”

Well that’s a little harsh.

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