11 Things To Never Say To A Hypochondriac

I’m NOT okay. You’re MISSING something and it’s ALL very scary. Adieu, adieu, remember me.

1. “Wow, that sounds serious.”

Wait…are YOU serious?!

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2. “You should probably get that checked out.”

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3. “I think you’re overreacting…”

Do you know what I’m going through?

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4. “You should look at the symptoms online.”

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I did and I’ve already diagnosed myself with six different chronic diseases.

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5. “My sister had the same thing. She had to go to the hospital.”


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6. “I’d give it another week and if you’re still feeling this way, call a doctor.”

Well, I don’t need a doctor. I just need you to tell me I’m fine!

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7. “You’re fine!”

How would you know?! You’re not a doctor!

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8. “It’s probably nothing, but it could be [insert horrible condition here].”

::mind explodes::

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9. “Omg. I thought I had the same thing!”

So it IS real.

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10. “So anyways…”

Why dost thou deny me such resolve?

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11. “It sounds like you might be a hypochondriac.”

Well that’s a little harsh.

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