16 Instances Of Micro-Misogyny That Prove The Patriarchy Is Everywhere

Penises are not the same as authority, bro.

1. When guys call their ex-girlfriends “crazy.”

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2. When waiters automatically give the check to the guy at the table.

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3. When a dude suggests that we’ve reached equality in the workplace: Just look at all these women!

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4. When you’re playing an outdoor game (bocce ball! shuffleboard!) with another woman and a dude comes over to tell you how to play “the right way.”

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5. When a guy takes it upon himself to order dinner for you. “And she’ll have…”

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6. Or when a server assumes that the man will taste the wine you ordered.

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7. When a guy you’ve never met tells you to smile.

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8. When guys assume you’re just bad at drinking games so they never want you on their team.

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9. When a guy starts defending Woody Allen, R. Kelly, or Roman Polanski’s “artistry.”

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10. When a man riding a bicycle pulls in front of you at a stop light because he assumes he must be a faster rider, even though he has only seen you on your bike at a full stop…and then you pass them immediately.

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11. When a guy tells you you’re “overreacting.”

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12. Or asks you, at any point, for any reason, if “it’s your time of the month.”

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13. When a man INSISTS that all women MUST get off the elevator before him.

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14. When a guy sits down next to you on the plane and automatically takes over the armrest.

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15. When you’re the only girl in the weight room and a guy comes up to ask if you “know what you’re doing.”

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16. And when a dude does THIS on the subway.

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