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    • annaverdiyanm

      I don’t know man… I think that people would be generally curious about how a 19 year old kid who was doing seemingly well could be capable of something like this. Honestly, I would have picked one up. It’s big news right now. You really expect Rolling Stone to put a small caption on the page somewhere after the journalist covering this story has spent 2 months on it? It was their big story. Yes, they glamorized him a bit, but I don’t think that was intentional. They are not trying to make him look like a hero after the fact, I think they are trying to paint the picture of him being an ordinary teenager (or so everyone thought) and of his somewhat promising life. Honestly, I think the general public loves to be outraged by everything and anything. He’s on the cover, big deal. Jesus Christ. I wish you people would become at least HALF this outraged by the actual problems in this world…