9 Surprising Facts About Dating In America

Women are having better sex than men, and iPad users have a lot of one-night stands, according to Match.com’s yearly survey of single people across the country.

1. People are very concerned with teeth.

Teeth were one of the top traits people reported judging a potential partner on, according to survey results released today. Fifty-eight percent of men said teeth were crucial; 71% of women said the same. Match was so impressed with this finding that they made the above video to illustrate it.

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2. iPad users are the biggest players.

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Forty-five percent of iPad users had a one-night stand in 2012, compared with 29% of e-reader owners and 24% of those who had traditional (non-smart) cell phones. It’s unclear if people with all types of gadgets got the most action of all.

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3. Women are having better sex than men.

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Or at least, single women are more likely to be sexually satisfied. Forty-nine percent said they were happy with their sex lives, compared with 44% of single men.

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4. Guys really want to meet your parents.

An oddly high percentage — 48% — said they’d want to meet a partner’s parents before becoming exclusive. Thirty-five percent of women said the same. No word on whether it’s awkward to introduce someone to your mom and dad as your possibly soon significant other.

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5. Daters fear debt.

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Fifty-four percent said they wouldn’t date someone with more than $5,000 in credit card debt.

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6. Friends with benefits are becoming more.

In 2012, 44% of single people said they’d had a friends-with-benefits arrangement turn into a more traditional relationship. That’s up from just 20% in 2011.

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7. Marriage doesn’t make you a prude.

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Seventy-six percent of married people said they thought about sex once a week or more, compared with 72% of single people. The difference was even bigger for women — 65% of married women said they thought about it one or more times per week, while only 56% of single women said the same.

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8. Sexts are far from private.

Twenty-three percent of single people have shared a sexy text or photo they received with someone else. Of those, 42% of men and 28% of women shared it with three or more people.

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9. Your date could be secretly frisking you.

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Twenty-two percent of single women said they secretly searched their date’s pockets, drawers, or closets. Women over 30 headed straight for the medicine cabinet — 44% of single women in their thirties and 38% of those in their forties said they’d snooped around for incriminating prescriptions.

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