8 Photos Of The World Record For Most Cowgirls In One Place

This weekend, a group of escaramuzas (rough translation: cowgirls) came together in an effort to set a Guinness World Record for most members of their sport together in one place. They succeeded — in style.

Mexico / Reuters

Escaramuzas are part of La Charreria, a Mexican rodeo circuit. One escaramuza mom describes the practice as a “hybrid of Mexican and North American equestrian arts” and “something akin to a ballet on horseback.”

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Mexico / Reuters

Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records required a gathering of at least 100 escaramuzas for a new record to be set. It would be the first world record for escaramuzas ever.

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Mexico / Reuters

Escaramuzas gathered Saturday in Guadalajara. Their riding uniforms were elaborate and beautiful.

ID: 574473
Mexico / Reuters

This young escaramuza looks kind of tired.

ID: 574477
Mexico / Reuters

But their efforts paid off — 129 escaramuzas turned out, successfully setting a new record.

ID: 574478
Mexico / Reuters
ID: 574480
Arturo Campos Cedillo / Via lajornadajalisco.com.mx
ID: 574495

They got a certificate to prove it.

ID: 574487

You can watch the escaramuzas perform and receive their record in this Spanish-language newscast:

ID: 574524
ID: 574505

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