12 Kinds Of Mugshots You Can Find On Pinterest

Mugshots, from real criminals to Barbie, appear to be a bit of a pinboard favorite.

1. Actual criminal mugshots

The Pottstown, PA Mercury maintains a pinboard of wanted criminals, which has apparently led to dozens of tips and a 58% increase in arrests.

ID: 612650

2. Musician mugshots

ID: 612417

3. Celebrity mugshots

ID: 612430

4. Zsa Zsa Gabor mugshots

ID: 612196

5. Disney villain mugshots

ID: 612435

6. Bridesmaid mugshots

ID: 612481

7. Wedding party mugshots

ID: 612496

8. Juggalo mugshots

A commenter on this pin asks, “I had my record sealed, but Mugshots.com still has my mugshot and I want it removed. What can I do?” Pinterest may not be the place to ask this — or maybe, given its interest in mugshots, it is.

ID: 612541

9. Mario mugshots

ID: 612657

10. Barbie mugshots

ID: 612619

11. Hipster kid mugshots

ID: 612621

12. Bird mugshots

ID: 612624

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