Will Smith Is Good At Saving Shit

When is somebody going to give him a medal?

1. In Independence Day Will Smith saved the world. But only just.

Thank god.

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2. In Men In Black he was just like, “I got this” and saved the earth.

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3. In Wild Wild West he wasn’t even worried about all that shit burning down.

Technically he only saved the nation here, but still: kudos, Will.

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4. He was also pretty casual about world salvation in Men In Black 2.

He’s right. Those Oakleys are killer.

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5. Will got SASSY while saving the entire future in I, Robot.

Saving shit must be hard so he’s allowed to be a little bitchy.

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6. By the time Men In Black 3 rolled around he was like “uuughh.” But he still saved us.

Cheers, Mr Smith!

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7. In I Am Legend, Will saves the world but not his canine pal so it’s sorta win/lose.

It’s also extremely depressing.

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8. Will Smith can even save shit when he’s drunk, like in Hancock.

Now that’s impressive.

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9. And Will saves cats, too! In Enemy Of The State he saves a kitty from certain death.

No wonder his wife is so into him. HERO.

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