The Third "Sex And The City Film" Is Here (But Only On Twitter)

A new Twitter account has surfaced that will make you actually want a third film.

1. Remember Sex and the City?

Of course you do. You still set aside one Sunday a month to watch the final episode and cry into a tub of mint chocolate ice cream.

2. Unfortunately, you probably also remember the awkward and more-than-vaguely-racist second film, which saw the ladies take a trip to Abu Dhabi.

Even the most die hard fans agreed that a third movie would be total overkill.

3. Now a new Twitter account has appeared - named @SATC3quel - tweeting hilariously on-point quotes from the set of the set of the third film (which, for the record, doesn’t exist.)

Can you imagine the scene where she discovers he wasn’t a bot?

23. Bring on Sex and the City 3.

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