15 Times Tumblr Proved Muggleborns Are The Coolest Kids At Hogwarts

And Purebloods thought they ruled the school.

1. They upstage everyone in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

ID: 3509743

2. They navigate the castle in style.

ID: 3509771

3. Everyone is jealous of their inside jokes.

ID: 3509789

4. They know how to get the party started.

ID: 3509811

5. They care about making the muggle-to-wizard transition as easy as possible.

ID: 3509819

6. They selflessly work to introduce their classmates to the twenty-first century.

ID: 3509826

7. Or they establish themselves as savvy businessmen and women.

ID: 3509833

8. They redefine “taking classes for the easy A.”

ID: 3509839

9. They deal with bullies with style and grace.

ID: 3509841

10. They keep their priorities straight in a strange environment.

ID: 3509859

11. They have the best sense of humor in the castle.

ID: 3509861

12. And the best sense of style.

ID: 3509865

13. Even the Pureblood kids want to copy them.

ID: 3509872

14. They are always the first to get their homework done.

ID: 3509875

15. While their classmates fight over blood statuses and house wars, they know how to pick their battles.

ID: 3509884

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