15 Times Tumblr Proved Muggleborns Are The Coolest Kids At Hogwarts

And Purebloods thought they ruled the school.

1. They upstage everyone in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

2. They navigate the castle in style.

3. Everyone is jealous of their inside jokes.

Via http://mugglebornsathogwarts.tumblr.com

4. They know how to get the party started.

Via http://chaoticfangurl.tumblr.com

5. They care about making the muggle-to-wizard transition as easy as possible.

6. They selflessly work to introduce their classmates to the twenty-first century.

Via http://afadingoctober.tumblr.com

7. Or they establish themselves as savvy businessmen and women.

Via http://potterheadcanon.tumblr.com

8. They redefine “taking classes for the easy A.”

9. They deal with bullies with style and grace.

Via http://kvotheunkvothe.tumblr.com

10. They keep their priorities straight in a strange environment.

11. They have the best sense of humor in the castle.

12. And the best sense of style.

Via http://mugglebornheadcanons.tumblr.com

13. Even the Pureblood kids want to copy them.

Via http://siriusish.tumblr.com

14. They are always the first to get their homework done.

Via http://emeraldasp.tumblr.com

15. While their classmates fight over blood statuses and house wars, they know how to pick their battles.

Via http://tbcat.tumblr.com

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