A Desi Guide To Finding Love In America

Happy Independence Day, you guys.

1. This is how you used to flirt in high school

2. But your parents already had someone in mind

3. Or announced your availability at parties

4. Soon, you learned the social cues

5. And tried to play it cool on dates

6. And learned which jokes worked, and which didn’t

7. Your friends began dating each other

8. So you gave your long-time best friend the eye

9. And everyone you know immediately found out

10. When it ended, your mother was not pleased

11. You assure your friends you’ll find the one eventually

12. Your parents tell you to attend matrimonial events but you’re like

13. And then your friends tell you the same thing

14. But you’re all

15. And spend time thinking about being forever alone

16. Don’t fret, because you’ll find the person who makes you go

18. And realize it all ends well. Bollywood says so.

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