The Facebook Notification Noise Contains A Hidden Message

When is a “ba-doop!” not just a “ba-doop”? When it contains a secret Easter egg.

1. Recently, Facebook introduced notification sounds.

Like this one.

ID: 1221991

2. This is what popularity sounds like in 2013.

ID: 1221995

3. But there’s a hidden Easter egg within…

Let us explain.

ID: 1222252

4. It’s actually this chord: the Fmaj7.

Four sweet notes, with a light, jazzy feel.

ID: 1222019

6. The first note is F.

ID: 1222065

No big deal.

ID: 1222158

8. Then A.

ID: 1222068

Better write these down.

ID: 1222174

10. Then C.

ID: 1222072


ID: 1222185

12. Then E.

ID: 1222073

No. Way.

ID: 1222205

14. Which is to say…

ID: 1222282

15. Consider our minds very gently blown.

ID: 1222270

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