25 Reasons Why Moving Totally Sucks

Never. Moving. AGAIN.

1. The apartment search. Why is everyone on Craigslist looking for a submissive female roommate?

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2. The apartments that look great in the ads…

ID: 833359

…But look like THIS when you get there:

Poop stains on the light switch?! Franzia strewn EVERYWHERE? A BOX OF WOODEN DILDOS? Oh, the trauma.

ID: 831991

3. The real estate agents you work with all have convincing ads like this:

ID: 832034

4. Or credentials like this:

ID: 832052

5. You have to remember to cancel all of your utilities, and to start all of your new ones.

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6. You assume packing will be easy, so you lounge around and put it off until the last minute.

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7. You think you don’t have much stuff, but you’re TOTALLY WRONG. You have SO. MUCH. SHIT.

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9. You will inevitably uncover old photos and meaningful objects.

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10. …Before you know it, you’ve wasted 5 hours emotionally reminiscing.

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11. You have no idea how the fuck to disassemble any of your furniture.

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12. Nothing ever fits through the door.

ID: 835255

13. Each trip to the dumpster is painful.

You feel both wasteful AND sad about parting with your things. Also they’re heavy and you have to carry them.

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14. DIRE MOVING INJURIES are bound to happen.

ID: 835481

15. Some of your friends are eager to help you move…

ID: 832061

16. But they’re not the most careful people.

ID: 833327

17. …Nor the most efficient.

ID: 833328

18. When you’re finally done moving everything out, you have to CLEAN.

ID: 835556

19. You’re annoyed that it was dirtier than this when you moved in.

ID: 835557

20. At your new place, nothing fits, AGAIN.

ID: 835100

21. Half of your stuff broke on the drive over.

ID: 835811

22. Suddenly NOTHING in your new place is working.

ID: 833347

23. You have to replace and buy ALL THE THINGS.

ID: 835912

24. Instead of your old security deposit, you receive THIS:

Actual letter from my old landlord.

ID: 833330

25. You experience renter’s remorse and feel terribly sorry for yourself.

ID: 836001

At least you’re not homeless (yet).

ID: 833333

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